Some Distorted Facts on Healthy Living

More & more people are now realizing the true potential in healthy living that can bring happiness in life. So they are increasingly becoming conscious about healthy living practices & giving health more priorities than ever before. Nowadays, introduction of endless formulas starting from different diet programs to health supplements & over-the-counter health medications has helped people a lot in achieving a healthy life devoid of any diseases.

Some distorted concept about healthy living are found to be among reasons behind common health problems like obesity that plague the world today despite the continuous clamor for a healthy life style. They are as follows:

Concept 1: Healthy means losing weight – Many people believe that a healthy life only involves shedding extra pounds and getting a good body shape. However, good health is the overall balance that can be achieved through weight loss & maintaining good body shape by following a healthy diet schedule.

Concept 2: Good health can be achieved overnight – Getting good health is a continuous & steady process. Contrary to the claims of different health pills & diet programs, it can be built up overnight. What needed is to teach yourself to eat healthy meals, exercise regularly & have patience. One day the result of your discipline & consistency will pay in healthy living as desired by you.

Concept 3: Artificial means can bring good health faster – Going healthy is not just taking health pills, capsules, food additives & tablets to shed those extra pounds. Rather eating raw foods and natural products like fruits and vegetables, plus daily exercise will help you stay fit for ever. Artificial means may seem the easier to get healthy but it does not work well always. So it would be better to adhere to conventional practices.


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