How Much Exercise is Ideal for Good Health?

Many of us believe that heavy exercise will help us lose extra pound sooner. People also don’t mind doing marathon type cardio sessions for hours to get the optimum health and weight loss. But exercise doesn’t show its effects in this way. When it comes to general health and weight loss, the diet and nutrition plan varies and so is the exercise regime. For instance, if you run in the treadmill for 45 minutes everyday, but also eat 3 McDonald’s double cheeseburgers everyday. So it’s only natural that the impact of food will overdo the impact of exercise. Those of you who want to lose weight and obtain good health must be wondering how much exercise is ideal. Well, if you do your workout seriously, then 3 days a week for about 45 minutes per session is enough to make your calories burn. You can focus on doing some major weightlifting movements that hit the most of calories in each session. Squats, deadlifts, dips, and chinups are some of the best exercises to lose extra weight. You can divide your workout time table for different exercises. Say you do 1 set of squats for some minutes, then change your posture to do some dips or deadlifts. Then take a break for 5mins, again start cardio for 20mins. In this way, you will work on all the body areas. Exercise not only helps to bring weight loss, it evolves your overall wellbeing. You will feel relaxed and less stressed. So start including exercise in your daily schedule.


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