How to Manage with Your Lost Health Insurance Coverage

Economic recession has given rise to many hardships for employees & many of them are facing layoffs also. Some are even deprived of the health benefits as offered by their employers. As a result they are losing their health insurance coverage. Those without health insurance are in dire need of ways to support their health & wellbeing. However, the tips given below will give them a way out. 1. Use COBRA incase you have lost your job – COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation) supports your health insurance coverage provided by your employer even after losing your job. It is often cheaper than private & individual health insurance plans. It allows you to keep the health plan that your employer used to provide as long as that plan still exists. 2. Use preventative measures – Using preventive measure such as exercising, eating healthy, lowering your cholesterol, regulating weight & reducing stress from your life will help you stay healthy & avoid health risks. 3. Ask your doctor’s advice- You may ask your doctor about reduced fees or treatment and drug options available for lower income group or without any health insurance. 5. Avoid smoking – Avoiding smoking may help you get much lower health insurance premiums and have less risk of overall health problems. 6. Apply for medicaid – Apply in your local Medicaid office and it will allow you to pay directly your medical bills. 7. Apply for medicare – Medicare is a good alternative for those 65 years of age or older who meet special criteria. 8. Alternative natural treatments – Alternative natural treatment methods such as acupuncture and herbal remedies are often found to be cheaper than expensive medical treatments and can provide similar results. 9. Health insurance through spouse or partner – It is a nice option for married people as they can quality as a dependent in their spouse’s or partner’s health insurance plan Although the premiums may rise up but it results in fewer coverage rejections than applying for private or independent health insurance coverage. 10. Take a lower paying job with better health benefits – There are some employers out there that pay very little but offer a good health insurance plan. You may consider taking these lower paying jobs for better health facilities.


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