Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Living

‘Good food for good health’ seems to be the universal mantra these days. The varied source of nutritional diet enables the body to keep and maintain good health and sense of well being. Proper food helps keep the immune system in good shape to be able to fight the constant attack of viruses and illnesses we all are subjected to.

The recent economic recession has made a huge impact on the food industry. Today Fresh food prices have been rocketed. But many of you might not be aware of the fact that frozen foods are quite healthy for our health. You can get all the nutrition and vitamin values without compromising on the quality.

The earlier myth that frozen foods are inferior to fresh foods no longer exists. Today, many foods are frozen within minutes of harvesting. Fish is a good example of this.  As long as you defrost as per label instructions and eat it before ‘best by date’ the fish will be as good as the fresh fish. Just like fish, many other fruit and vegetables can also be frozen without harming their nutritional values.

When food is properly frozen, being cleaned and wrapped so that freezer burn is virtually eliminated, the nutritional values are suspended and kept to a maximum. Even quick frozen food keeps its vitamins and nutrients virtually the same as the moment it was picked.


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