Adopt a Healthy Living through Yoga & Therapeutic Massage

Today Yoga and therapeutic massage have become quite popular among people of all ages. Yoga has a 5,000 year old tradition and can make a positive difference in our health and life. It can also enhance our overall immune system.

Even science has proved the impact of Yoga. Many of the postures practiced during Yoga actually work to squeeze lymph and detoxify the body. Inverted poses, like lying with the legs up a wall cause lymph which has pooled in the legs during the day to gently move into the upper body. Another prominent benefit of yoga practice is learning to control the breathing technique. Creating more space in the body with postures, allows deeper breathing which also acts an as inside massage of sorts. As you practice the breathing technique on regular basis and become a more experience breather, you will be more able to handle stressful situations and therefore fight off illness more efficiently.

Like Yoga, therapeutic massage is also beneficial to the immune system. Massage is a superb way to reduce the stress effects on the body, the aches and pains which often resulted from improper breathing, clenching the teeth or poor posture from sitting in front of a computer or driving for long periods of time. Massage therapists use long strokes along the arms and legs region of the body which creates circulation of lymph nodes.

With so many benefits, now it’s time to indulge in a yoga class or therapeutic massage session. It will improve your immune system and create more health, happiness and clarity of thought.


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