Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps in the overall benefit of our body. Regular exercise is capable of improving nearly all medical conditions including critical illnesses like kidney infection, Cancer or even Alzheimer. Several studies over the past have clearly demonstrated that even our cognitively impaired elderly for whom Alzheimer’s and institutionalized care is common, can show dramatic health improvements from regular exercise.

It was noticed that the sleep patterns which were previously been erratic have become normalized. There has been a nearly universal and significant reduction of agitation and reduced use of psychoactive medications along with their side effects. As if to emphasize the point, for some little-understood reason, patients with the highest initial agitation scores often showed the most dramatic improvements.

According to a recently held research, the quality of life of even severely cognitively impaired patients can be quickly and substantially improved by very simple programs of regular exercise. The elderly patients who have adopted regular exercise as part of their daily regimen seem to have found the un-measurable benefits of a more joyful and life-engaging attitude which also seem to increase their regular physical activity.

Regular physical exercise, at any age, is far more important for our health, well-being and mental powers than we’ve yet to realize. Maybe its time more of us should embrace regular exercise as a core component of maintaining our good health and preventing our physical, mental and psychological decline.


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