Healthy Living Tips of Prime Importance

In today’s hectic schedule, anyone of us hardly gets time to devote in exercise. Our fast lifestyle together with busy work schedule is responsible for this. Again the introduction of high tech gadgets like telephone, IPOD, computer, laptop together with fast paced transportation mediums has minimized our daily physical activity. Physical activity is required to keep us fit & healthy on long run but in absence of it , our fitness level is surely going to get affected. Exercises like swimming, cycling, hiking or just playing a nice game of football at the park down the street are simply out of question as we lack in time to invest in them. Instead we prefer to devote time in talking over telephone, using computer, gps and Ipod in one hand and a shake, hamburger and fries in the other. This is surely a recipe for unhealthy living that makes matter worst & invites a great many diseases. We need to learn to sit ideal for a while & relax a lot. Try to offload your work burden & lay down on your back to let the world slow down around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean to throw you on bed in deep exhaustion, it means take some time off, sit by the pool, read a book or other form of literature (reading the Wall Street Journal doesn’t count). Listen to some relaxing music, practice some deep breathing techniques and really learn how to help your body totally relax. Follow up a healthy dietary schedule & eat a more balanced diet to stay fit & healthy throughout. Try to avoid sugary beverages like soda which are full of calories & deposit as fat unless their calories are burnt off. You can take as much of raw fruits, a nice healthy bowl of soup, a plate full of salads & a nice balanced meal with fat free chicken. You can even indulge in social activities & spend quality time with your family & friends.



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