A Brief Idea on Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a health security plan designed to give people insurance coverage for all types of health care including physical injury & other bodily sickness. To be precise, coverage for medical-care expenses like doctor visits and hospital stays, medications and normal and preventive care such as check-ups, prenatal and baby care come under such plans.

The concept of health insurance is so simple. Actually medical care can turn out to be so expensive at times that most of us can hardly pay for it entirely as it exceeds our cash savings. But if the health care cost is shared among a group of people working together, and they each agree to pay a fixed amount every month to the health care insurance provider (whether they need medical care at that time or not), then health care safety could be passed on to the whole group. In other words, each person gets protection from high health care costs as the burden is shared by many.

Is It Really Necessary?

You’re young, you spend more time in the gym than David Beckham, you rarely get anything worse than a cold, and your great-grandparents are still kicking at 99. Why bother spending money on insurance? The odds are pretty good that you’ll never get seriously sick, right?

We certainly hope so. But every day, thousands of “perfectly healthy” people break bones, need stitches, get into car accidents, discover they have life threatening diseases, or are told they need surgery for one condition or another.

We just wish that you may never be one of them. But what will you do if you need immediate medical attention for a sudden accident or complete recovery from a chronic disease? Even medical expenditures arising out of a minor car accident can become a burden on your finances. Your cash savings can get wash out in paying for medications for a severe illness. Though health insurance proves out to be costly, but not having it may become costlier for you.



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