Why should we Exercise?

Your body was designed to move and the more you move it the better it will perform. It is important that you fit exercise into your daily routine. Many of you that are reading this will think that you just don’t have time to exercise. But that is just an excuse. Daily exercise of 30 minutes can help you in following ways:

1. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease- the number of CVD deaths per year would decrease by 30%.

2. Reduce the risk of type II diabetes by 58% if persons at high risk.

3. Reduce the risk of stroke by 24%- walking more than 3 miles per hour for 2.5 hours per week.

4. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis and improve bone health.

5. Reduce risk of breast cancer by 20% in white and African American women.

6. Reduce mortality with patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer by 25%.

7. Reduce resting blood pressure- 120/80 and below are normal.

8. Reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer among overweight adults.

9. Reduce the risk of depression among elderly adults- 50% reduction after 4 months of exercise.

10. Decrease overall bodyweight and percent of body fat.

Make sure that you vary the activity you undertake so that you don’t get bored. For example if you normally run on the treadmill in the gym then why not try a run outdoors, take a class or use some different equipment. Also try alternating cardiovascular sessions and weights to give your days some variety.

Use music when you exercise, If you have a favorite band or type of music then put your earphones in and drift away whilst you work out. It’s amazing how fast time can pass when you are enjoying the music you are listening to.



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