Walking – the Easiest and Best Exercise

The first and greatest thing about walking as an exercise is that it is something that we already know how to do, and do every day. So there is no learning curve, no expensive equipment to buy, and no drive to the gym every day to get our work out in. If you have access to a long, flat road with beautiful scenery that’s ideal. But for the rest of us, walking laps around your house or your local school should work just fine. Be sure to use a pedometer or a stopwatch to track your progress.

Walking makes you happy. While you walk, you feel the movement of your hands and legs. You feel the breeze on your face. You hear the birds chirping, and see the flowers blooming. You enjoy the sight of the clouds moving in the sky. Walking makes you happy. Walking provides mental health benefits.

Walking helps you to think. You will be surprised how easily the solution comes to you when you walk. Walking helps you to channel energy into creative solution.



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