Health Benefits of Green tea

For several years now, we’ve been hearing about how green tea can prevent many serious diseases, including cancer. As the evidence mounts, it can be hard to ignore the fact that green tea is a powerful way to protect your health.
The benefits of Green tea on one’s health have been increasingly demonstrated by modern scientific research. Many of these health benefits come from the fact that tea contains high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols or flavonoids. These compounds are most prevalent in green and white teas , but are also present in varying degrees in Oolongs and black teas. Green tea flavonoids show antioxidant activity. Antioxidants impair the ability of free radical cells to harm the molecules that make up our bodies. We all know that fruit and vegetables are good sources of antioxidants but recent scientific research have shown that one or two cups of green tea has the same radical scavenging capacity’ as five portions of fruit and vegetables. Of course we should all eat plenty of fruit and vegetables every day but why not top up our antioxidant intake by also drinking green tea every day!
Green tea offers many health benefits. Recent medical studies suggest green tea to be of benefit in many areas including the following:
Boost the immune system
Reducing levels of cholesterol
Reduces high blood pressure
Lowering of blood sugar
Digestive and respiratory health – tea is antibacterial
Help to prevent tooth decay.
Acne and other skin conditions.
Displays anti-inflammatory property.


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