Some Basic Ideas about CAT Examination

Getting well educated is every one’s dream. People dream to make their career in management sector as it is well known that management jobs are very much sophisticated and also you can get a handsome salary in this field. There are various ways in which one can study management in India but the best way is by appearing in the CAT (Common Admission Test) examination and then getting admitted in a good management college. This article focuses some useful ideas about the CAT examination. The CAT exam is regarded as one of the most difficult and competitive examination with impulsive result. This examination is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs). For getting success in this CAT exam is not only achievable by The remembrance of methods or formula but strong will power is required in order to achieve success. A good CAT preparation requires the concept of the concerned subject and also the application of that concept at appropriate time. In the Economist Intelligence 2003 survey the CAT exam has been nominated as the toughest MBA entrance test in the world. For less than 1200 seats around 180,000 students do participate in the CAT exam in order to study MBA in IIMs. 15% and 7% of the full seats have been reserved for SC and ST candidates respectively as per the rule made by the Government of India. For physical handicapped and Disable persons 3% is reserved from which 1% each is kept for low-vision/loss of sight, earshot impairment and loco coast disability. The educational eligibility for appearing in a CAT examination is a bachelor degree from a recognized university. Students those have graduation in the same year of the CAT exam can also be eligible for appearing in the test but many institute ask for a score of at least 50% at graduation level after the CAT is over. The duration of CAT examination is 120 minutes in which a candidate’s verbal ability, reasoning, comprehension, quantitative ideas, interpretation of data and reasoning of logic is tested. The question format is generally of multiple types. There is also the procedure of negative marking. For a right answer .5, 1 or 2 mark is awarded. Generally the CAT examination falls in the second Sunday of December every year.


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