Walking the Medicine for Good Health

Many of us spend thousands of dollars on heavy exercise equipments, or try our hand at local gyms to get the perfect health and figure. But do you know that we have the best exercise equipment with us and we don’t have to spend a penny to try it even. Surprised as what could it be? Well, I am talking about walking. Walking is the best exercise. It will enhance your overall body activities.

How much walking is best for your health? It depends from person to person. That’s why it’s advisable to consult your doctor before attempting this walking regimen. For starter, you can estimate your current walking ability. Without stopping how far can you walk, or how fast you can walk without becoming wounded; factors like these are important in figuring out an effective walking regimen. Consider your initial walk to be a baseline for your plan.

Initially you should walk as far as you can with your regular speed. Do not try to overdo it, else you might end up injuring yourself. Make sure you warm up first by stretching and loosening up the muscles. When you do get tired, mark down the distance you have covered in that day. On a separate occasion, go out and test your walking speed. A good strategy is to walk a mile, and do it at a good clip. Time yourself for this walk. In that way, you will know the walking speed.

Four times per week is considered as an ideal regimen with walking. Mornings or evenings are the best time to walk. It is important to schedule this walking regimen and moreover you do not depend on just finding the time to walk.


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