Morning Exercise Is best for weight loss

Exercising on an empty stomach say that it helps the body go after their fat stores faster. During sleep, our body uses glycogen, our storage form of carbohydrates, to maintain blood sugar levels. According to morning exercise, when we wake up, our carbohydrate reserve is running on empty, which in turn, makes it more likely that our body will start burning fat. Some also say that eating crabs in the morning stimulates release of the hormone insulin, which facilitates fat storage. Because most people wake up in the morning, empty stomach exercise supporters are many of the same people doing morning exercise as well.


Let’s look at some of the evidence in support of working out on an empty stomach: Some research does in fact find that morning exercise may enhance the ability to burn fat when a fat-containing meal is given after exercise.


Both of these issues are interesting and is a testament to the complexity of the human body. The real question however is whether this apparent enhanced ability to burn fat after exercise also translates into greater weight loss for those who perform exercise in the morning and on an empty stomach. Unfortunately this issue has not been well studied although anecdotal testimonials suggest that for some, there may be something to it.


Does this mean working out on an empty stomach is right for you? The ability to successfully exercise without eating breakfast is surely an individual one. Some people may have no problem working out prior to eating while others may struggle with it.


It’s possible that in extreme cases, not eating could lead to the body cannibalizing its own muscle tissue to power exercise energy requirements. This is admittedly a worst case scenario but is worth mentioning because there are people in the world who take things to the extreme and may extend this not eating in the morning idea to new levels by not eating at all!



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