Brisk Walking for Fitness

Walking is literally the best exercise you can do. For a normal person with no great aspiration of athletic greatness, brisk walking is the best. It will lower your stress, help you to maintain or lower your weight and will make you feel just great! Walking is also a gentle exercise that won’t torment you too much if you hate exercise. Even if you start out with a gentle walk and work up to brisk walking, the walk itself will energize and uplift you. It will help lower your stress and give you a clearer mind to conquer the difficulties you encounter.

Health experts agree that 30 minutes brisk walking on most days of the week is sufficient to improve fitness. However like a lot of things in life that we are supposed to do, daily exercise can become a chore. I know from experience that repeated exercise in the same environment can be very boring. A much more enjoyable way is to vary your walks and plan different routes. If that is beyond you, why not join a walking or rambling club and then you can walk with them in the beautiful countryside, with good company.


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