Tips for Flat Stomach

Add lots of fiber to your diet. Keep away from those nasty carbs like cakes, biscuits, etc. Lots of fiber will help your digestion and keep you nice and regular, which will stop that horrible feeling of a bloated stomach.

Create a strength training routine that addresses all of the major muscle groups. A nice trick I learned along the way is to increase the musce in your shoulders. This gives the appearance of a smaller waist. Working your whole body is more advantageous for many reasons.

Drink plenty of fluids. Water and unsweetened teas are best. Keeping the body properly hydrated will aid in digestion and elimination.

Increase your intake of Protein. If you fancy a snack eat some almond or pumpkin seeds. Increase white meats like chicken. Protein’s are great for building muscle, and will aid your plan for a flat stomach in a week, if that’s possible!

Participate in a cardio activity most days of the week. I recommend doing a mix of session lengths and intensity levels. The total workout time should typically be kept under an hour (including strength training). A few days should be medium intensity and medium length cardio sessions. A few days should be reserved for long sessions with low intensity. One day each for a higher intensity, shorter program and a rest day.



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