Points to Consider While Shopping for Health Insurance

Your lifestyle will affect the cost of your insurance coverage – if you smoke, are overweight, or have an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle, your insurance costs will be higher. Pre-existing medical conditions will also increase the cost of your insurance coverage.

Most plans cover normal medical expenses – but before signing anything, think about what other services you and your family are likely to need, and if the plans you’re considering cover those needs. This is where it pays to know about the medical history of your relatives, so that you can make decisions based upon what types of medical conditions might run in the family.

If you require specialist care, make sure your plan covers it.

Emergency care – usually a referral from your doctor is a prerequisite of emergency medical care. Some health insurance policies won’t pay for weekend hospital visits unless you are referred by your doctor, and some will require that you wait until a weekday if it’s not a matter of life and death. Check out these types of details before making a commitment.

Prescriptions – think about what prescriptions you currently need and what you may require in the future. Insurance plans vary as to the percentage you are required to pay on prescriptions, and some charge a flat fee rather than a percentage.

Supplemental insurance – dental insurance and chronic or acute illnesses such as cancer are not usually covered by normal health insurance. Dental insurance is usually covered by an entirely separate policy. Diseases such as cancer, or critical conditions such as heart attack or stroke, can quickly become expensive, and supplemental insurance is designed to kick in when regular health coverage is exhausted.



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